We believe that the success of any contracting job, big or small, lies in the team and the communication that’s established between the team members. We’re big proponents of “partnering” which brings client, designer, contractor and other project contributors together as mutually supportive team players, all committed to the job’s success and all open and honest with one another. We take the lead in creating good working rapport with our colleagues in every job we do.

It’s said that the “devil’s in the details” of contracting. We think that’s true. Therefore, we make it our personal mandate to be more than “on top of project details”, but well ahead of them. Typically, we build each job twice – the first time in our heads. In this way we are able to solve field problems quickly – and prevent most from occurring in the first place.

Here’s a quick look at some of the “details” of our business – which you won’t automatically get from every contractor.

  • We clarify plans and specs with the designer before the job begins
  • We value engineer products, systems, and methods as appropriate
  • We computer schedule and monitor work sequences, tasks, material acquisition and progress
  • We conduct weekly progress meetings with all project participants.
  • We review and take responsibility for subcontractor performances and costs
  • We make sure the job-site is kept clean and orderly
  • We keep tight control of all project costs
    We offer field design support to overcome any plan short-falls
  • We communicate, communicate, and communicate!
  • We understand the importance of safety and believe that safety is paramount to all else on the projects.

In bidding, we try to provide the best price for the job and mentally walk through it in getting to the best price.

We know that getting on a bid list can be easy, but staying there is challenging. Not only do we value each job as we are doing it, we view it as our opportunity to do many others for you or your associates.

Yes, we’re in the construction business, but we constantly remind ourselves – down to the last crew member – that we are also in the “people business”. Perhaps it’s a cliché to say that “we care”, but the fact is" we do"! When we walk away from a job, we like knowing you are happy with the results and with us.

“Why negotiate with DARYAPETROSAZEH CO.?”

  • Because we share the savings on our work
  • Because we are well bonded.
  • Because we select sub-contractors who are capable and financially stable.
  • Because we develop our own internal punch-list and fix what’s necessary before we do the final walk-through.
  • Because we respond fast and completely to any issues that could threaten the job’s success.
  •  We’re often complimented on our “exceptional attitude” under pressure.

At DARYAPETROSAZEH CO., we’re good on fast-tracking and in implementing “difficult plans” calling for field solutions and a spirit of “give and take” on costs and details. We are flexible not fixed, communicative not closed, resolution-oriented and supportive, not defensive. We enjoy making “our” designers look good.
We can move quickly – and do so routinely. We can bid a job today, start work on it tomorrow – even without fully developed plans.

We deliver the most value, and we create working environments that all participants; owners, designers, subs, special consultants and end-users (whose work can’t stop during remodeling), value as well.

We offer tailor-made solutions to meet every customer need, on a lump-sum turnkey basis or on item rate contracts. We have the flexibility to undertake infrastructure projects either on an EPC, PC and or Construction basis. Thus, we are strategically placed to use our 15 years of project management expertise to support the infrastructure explosion in Iran and abroad. DARYAPETROSAZEH will always live up to the mission of achieving excellence through world-class practices and standards in quality, safety and project management.



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