Whether it’s a WWTP in Iran, a Pipe Line in Venezuela or a floating Roof tank in Qatar, our job is to build what our customers need. At DARYAPETROSAZEH, we’ve structured our company around an integrated project delivery system. Through every phase of the project—from front-end engineering and detailed design to fabrication and construction—our employees have the same goals: to deliver a quality project and to satisfy our customers.

To build the right structure, system or facility, we leverage our expertise—not only our expertise in engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction—but also our knowledge of our targeted markets. We are committed to providing our customers with improved:

To meet our customer’s current and future needs, we work together to determine the desired outcome. We then select and organize the best integrated team to deliver results.

Meeting and potentially compressing project schedules is a challenge we face every day. The many tools at our disposal—from planning methodologies to modular fabrication—help us meet or beat even the most difficult schedules.

For us, safety starts the minute we scope the job. We constantly look for better and safer long-term alternatives for our customers. Whether it’s in front-end design or final commissioning, safety is always our primary concern.

We believe that focusing on a select group of markets with an integrated solution is the right approach. Our global presence, local knowledge and results-driven culture, along with our cost competitive business model, allow us to deliver results that are second time.



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