provides complete procurement and construction services for its clients. These services involve conceptual design, equipment purchase, equipment delivery, construction management, value engineering, factory testing, training, calibration, and installation. In essence, the staff at DaryaPetroSazeh has the skills, experience, and commitment to provide world-class procurement and construction solutions.

Construction Management
DaryaPetroSazeh offers construction management services. DaryaPetroSazeh is capable of acting as a general contractor that manages multiple subcontracted projects, while carrying full responsibility.

Installation Assistance
DaryaPetroSazeh offers electrical, mechanical, assistance, and review installation services. This also includes turnkey installation solutions for small projects by self-executing mechanical and electrical activities.

Value Engineering
DaryaPetroSazeh provides complete value engineering services. Our vast pool of experienced engineers, allows us to evaluate a companyís current system infrastructure to decide weather to add to the current systems or to retrofit them to a new system. Recommendations for increasing revenue and streamlining operational processes are a result of DaryaPetroSazehís value engineering services.

DaryaPetroSazeh provides excellent calibration services to maintain all systems that are currently running. Both on-call or prescheduled calibration services are available.

DaryaPetroSazehís experienced staff of professional engineers is able to take a project from initial concept to final design. The staff is able to leverage its expertise on various projects in all major engineering fields.

Purchase & Delivery
DaryaPetroSazeh is able to provide equipment purchase and delivery services for its procurement and construction projects. DaryaPetroSazeh can purchase all required material for a project and deliver it to the client's site in a timely manner.

Factory Testing
DaryaPetroSazeh offers full-scale software simulations in order to test the system functionality prior to installation. This factory testing allows DaryaPetroSazeh to make any system alterations prior to going live.

Start-up, Checkout and Training
DaryaPetroSazeh provides startup services at the facility according to the customer schedule. DaryaPetroSazeh also provides system checkout using ISA standard check sheets to ensure all I/O is fully checked and operational per the design specifications. Training is available and is tailored to the customerís needs and requirements. Training sessions are offered in both formal and informal formats and can be implemented during any phase of the project.



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