DaryaPetroSazeh Environmental is an independent business unit of DaryaPetroSazeh who specializes in System Integration for the water and wastewater industry. We are uniquely situated to provide a complete range of System Integration Services to our customers. We share our customers’ goals to deliver each project on time and within budget.

We have a tradition of staffing personnel on project sites to ensure the successful completion of each project. Our local presence allows our customers to minimize continuing support costs and enables us to provide a timely response to their needs. However, all locations are interconnected and work together to maximize the utilization of corporate-wide processes and application expertise.

DaryaPetroSazeh Environmental maintains project execution standards to ensure a positive result regardless of the source of the work. Our project teams have the knowledge and experience to deliver and start up projects anywhere in the world.

Philosophy of DaryaPetroSazeh Environmental
DaryaPetroSazeh Environmental provides a complete portfolio of services to meet our customer’s diverse requirements. We believe the most effective and positive approach to satisfying our customer is to encourage customer involvement from inception of design through factory testing and final system start up.

Our philosophy of a team approach includes the customer and each DaryaPetroSazeh employee assigned to a project as part of the design team, this helps to achieve our goal of providing high quality solutions on time and within budget. As part of the design team, our customer assists in defining the scope, schedule, and deliverables – this ensures a smooth and timely start up.

Our team is dedicated to satisfying our customers’ expectations. We emphasize total quality on every project through standardization of engineering tasks. We insist on strict adherence to project schedules and the provision of professional system integration services. We demand compliance with defined safety practices on each project. In addition, we provide the on-going support required for successful project delivery. We have a commitment to apply our quality standards and work ethic to each project in which we are involved.


Project Methodology
DaryaPetroSazeh Environmental uses the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Project delivery methodology to the extent appropriate for the size of the project. Our Project Managers are the liaison between the customer and the various departments at DaryaPetroSazeh, and are solely responsible for delivering a successful project. These people have ultimate responsibility for the project from managing the start up to ensuring on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. In the SDLC model, each phase of the project is completed and delivered before moving to the next phase.


DaryaPetroSazeh works with the client to develop a thorough understanding of the client’s objectives, timeframes, and budget for the project and develops a project charter document. The project does not proceed until the client is satisfied with the project charter and approves it.


Start Up
Prior to system start-up, the project manager schedules supervision assistance with the contractor to ensure full understanding of the project’s requirements and to clarify installation details. Where DaryaPetroSazeh has turnkey responsibility, we utilize licensed subcontractors to guarantee compliance with local regulations. This preliminary discussion has proven irreplaceable in paving the way for a smooth start-up. Once installed, our engineers and service technicians work with the Owner and Engineer to maintain integrity of network communications, operation of all equipment and signals, calibration of all transmitters, and interface to third party equipment. Documenting and correcting defects found during this phase maintains performance in accordance with the SRS. During start-up, our team involves the customer familiarizing them with: proper system operations, trouble shooting techniques, required maintenance activities, and fault recovery methods. We provide classroom and hands-on training to insure the customer has the requisite knowledge to operate and maintain the installed system to protect their substantial investment.


As outlined in our Project Methodology, Submittals and Operations & Maintenance Manuals are scheduled during the Planning phase to coordinate with the System Requirement Specification (SRS) of each project.


In all submittals, a Specification Sheet is created for each major component; these are numbered and collated to correspond with the original project Specifications. Equipment cut sheets and manufacturer-supplied information pertaining to each specific part, explaining basic functions and features of the equipment, directly follow the Specification Sheet. Submittals also contain equipment drawings, system drawings, Sequence of Operations, programming examples, and other items as required by the original specifications. The final Submittals are copied, bound, and presented to the customer for approval.


Operation & Maintenance Manuals
The construction of Operation & Maintenance manuals utilizes the final approved Submittal as the basis. Cross-referencing all equipment listed on the Specification Sheets with final purchase orders guarantees the proper parts are included and preserves the accuracy of each manual. User Manuals replace manufacturer cut sheets, final As-Installed drawings, and PLC programming printouts and HMI screens are included in the Operation & Maintenance manuals. All Operation & Maintenance manuals are tabbed, indexed, and bound in standard binders.



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