DaryaPetroSazeh provides a multitude of integrated Process Control and Instrumentation solutions to enhance complex engineering processes. DaryaPetroSazehís total solutions include feasibility, budgeting, implementation, start-up, and commissioning elements. From its experience with all major PLC, DCS, software, and instrumentation manufacturers, DaryaPetroSazeh is able to provide a variety of solutions to meet our customerís specific requirements.


Concept Planning
DaryaPetroSazehís members have over 10 years of real plant experience in providing concept planning for process control solutions. With a strong expertise in electrical controls, DaryaPetroSazeh is able to apply best practices to conceptual designs for a variety of solutions.


System Design
For over 15 years, DaryaPetroSazehís members have been taking projects all the way from conceptual thought to system design. Whether itís specifying instrumentation, providing control requirements, evaluating human machine interface requirements, or determining platforms, DaryaPetroSazeh provides a high level of expertise in system design. The company also has expertise in batch processing and panel layout, design, and wiring.


System Configuration/Programming
DaryaPetroSazeh is experienced in providing system configuration and customized programming services to create advanced process control solutions. With experience in all major controls and human machine interface (HMI) platforms, DaryaPetroSazeh is able to configure systems to work together and perform customized functions. DaryaPetroSazeh also has an extensive level of networking expertise and is able to interface various devices using a variety of protocols.


Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
DaryaPetroSazeh provides factory acceptance testing to ensure that the facility is ready for production. This involves a communication validation process, a preliminary operator orientation, and a complete review of all documentation, custom applications, and hardware inventory.


Sequence of Operation Documents
DaryaPetroSazeh provides complete documents that illustrate the sequence of operations. This includes flowchart presentations, narrative descriptions, and start-up and shutdown procedures. Combined, these documents provide clients with a clear and concise description of operational procedures.

Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT)
DaryaPetroSazeh provides operational acceptance testing to ensure that the facility is fully operational. This involves an operator interface review and a validation process for any data pertinent to the project.


Calibration, Startup and Training
DaryaPetroSazeh provides calibration and training services, which include owner representation oversight and trade management techniques. The company is able to provide loop checkouts to verify that the wiring is working correctly and to provide operator and maintenance training to ensure that the operational procedures are optimized.

Systems Documentation
DaryaPetroSazeh has an experienced staff of writers and engineers to provide system documentation for completed projects. Whether itís providing process and instrumentation diagrams, operation and maintenance manuals, and computer aided designs, or functional specifications, the talented staff at DaryaPetroSazeh will be able to describe system infrastructure and functionality clearly.

Sustaining Support Services
DaryaPetroSazeh provides support services to ensure that operations function efficiently at all times. With locations all over the country, DaryaPetroSazeh is available for easy onsite support and can provide routine calibration services.



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