DaryaPetroSazehís team of talented designers, engineers, and programmers provide clients with the support and services needed for success in todayís high technology environment. By maintaining the integrity of the engineering applications with its software and networking services, DaryaPetroSazeh is able to add significant value to the total solution.

Programming Languages
DaryaPetroSazeh provides custom programming for software and network engineering solutions using Java, C, C++, and Visual Basic languages. The expert staff at DaryaPetroSazeh provides complete training, development, and testing services to satisfy its clientís programming needs.


Database Development
DaryaPetroSazeh provides database development services for Client / Server applications. The experienced RDBMS staff at DaryaPetroSazeh uses current database tools such as Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 in order to provide data warehousing, installation, administration, tuning, and training services.


Device Driver Development
DaryaPetroSazeh professionals are skilled at developing device drivers to provide a communication link between two or more systems. The experienced staff at DaryaPetroSazeh provides the complete device driver package, which includes planning, analysis, and design, implementation, and support services.

Internet/Intranet Development
DaryaPetroSazeh integrates the latest technologies to leverage the power of the Internet, Intranet, and Extranet. Whether itís performing upgrades or extending current technologies, DaryaPetroSazeh is capable of taking its clientís web initiatives to the next level. Web-based services include website construction, needs analysis, multi tier design, hardware and software configuration, and training.

Object Oriented Projects
DaryaPetroSazeh provides complete Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Development services. This involves phases in planning, analysis, design, implementation, support, object development, access control, and software reusability. The object development phase includes the correct implementation of inheritance, polymorphism, data abstraction and information hiding.

Data Acquisition
DaryaPetroSazeh provides excellent reporting and data acquisition services. In order to turn data into information successfully, DaryaPetroSazeh identifies data requirements, data sources, and data interfaces.

System Interfaces
DaryaPetroSazeh specializes in interfacing corporate systems to communicate with each other. DaryaPetroSazehís services include interconnecting, optimizing, and extending systems. By extending the capabilities of existing systems, DaryaPetroSazeh is able incorporate e-mail, wireless, LAN, WAN, and push/pull technologies into the solution.




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