DaryaPetroSazeh provides complete electrical engineering solutions; the company is prepared to include project management, design engineering, product specification, purchasing, cost estimating, system analysis, bidding, construction phase support, and documentation services.

Power Distribution
DaryaPetroSazeh is able to provide reliable power distribution solutions by tailoring each project to fit the needs of our client. DaryaPetroSazeh specializes in systems load flow and short-circuit analysis, primary and secondary power distribution systems design, and standby power systems design. By leveraging the latest technologies and providing the best equipment distribution, DaryaPetroSazeh is able to provide the types of systems needed to effectively and reliably power our customerís facilities.


Lighting Design
DaryaPetroSazeh provides comprehensive lighting design for new and retrofit lighting systems. Using state-of-the-art computer modeling, we can provide creative solutions for all indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Specialty applications include performing arts facilities, sports lighting, dimming, and customized controls.


UPS and Emergency
DaryaPetroSazeh has extensive experience in emergency standby and essential systems design for data centers, medical facilities, and all types of municipal, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. Systems include engine-generators and associated transfer and paralleling gear, all types of UPS, and redundant services.
DaryaPetroSazeh provides expert consulting and design services for NFPA essential electrical systems compliance.


Power Quality
DaryaPetroSazeh provides a complete range of services to evaluate and correct power quality problems and to ensure proper performance of newly installed systems. We can measure and analyze system abnormalities and provide effective corrective action.
Our background includes solutions for transients, sags and surges, ground and neutral currents, and harmonics.


Signal and Life Safety Systems
DaryaPetroSazeh provides design and configuration of advanced fire alarm and detection systems. NFPA life safety detection and alarm systems and specialty signaling systems.
As an industry leader in systems integration, we are also experienced in multiple adaptations of these systems for customized user interface.


Multimedia Systems
Through our multi-discipline approach, DaryaPetroSazeh is able to integrate cutting-edge data, voice, and video systems into the electrical engineering solution. By providing structured network wiring systems design, MDF and IDF configuration, or distributed video and security CCTV systems design, DaryaPetroSazeh is able to meet the demands of todayís evolving technology needs.

Energy Cost Control
DaryaPetroSazeh offers an array of services to assist our clients in reducing their electrical power consumption and costs. We can provide solutions for alternative rate structures, alternative fuels and systems, co-generation/heat recovery, demand/load control, and power factor correction.

Motors, Drives, & Controls
DaryaPetroSazeh has unparallel experience in the application of all types of motors and drives, and in the control of motor & drive equipment. We can develop and implement complex control systems, sequence of operation, and systems integration.




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